Box with service hatches on either one or both of the sides that are locked with latches

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This box is designed as a housing for electronic projects but could be used for other purposes. It has hatches that can be re-opened with simple tools. If built from thin enough material, it intentionally cannot be opened with bare hands.

The hatches are on the x sides.

Assembly instructions

The main body is easy to assemble: 1. Starting with the floor and then add the four walls (for any removable sides, the wall will just be a small part on the base ) 2. Add the top piece

For the removable walls: 1. Add the lips to the removable walls 2. Sit the latches in place (it is importand to make sure the springs on the latches point inwards and the angled ends point to the side walls. See image below) 3. Glue the U-shaped clamps in place (it is important not to glue the latches)

Wall details


The latches lock in place when closed. To open them they need to be pressed in and can then be moved aside.

Closed Box

Picture of box.