WS2812b matrix enclosure

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Simple WS2812b matrix enclosure

WS2812b matrix enclosure for cheap chinease prebuild led matrixes.
This design assumes that the distance between the leds is equal in both directions.

There are several parts to this design:
- The inner frame to hold the pcb in place
- The front frame to hold a sandwich of plexiglass, spacer and the pcb
- The plexiglass to protect and diffuse the leds.
    You may add car tint foil to the plexiglass to achieve a black look
- The spacer to keep the plexiglass from touching the leds
- The back box with an optional mounting hole. Please add a hole for the
    power supply to the side panels and the power and data cables
    through the led mount frame with your favorite svg editor.
- The side panels with finger joints to hold everything together

1. Cut the parts
2. Assemble the frame (side panels and inner frame)
3. Insert the pcb, the spacers and the plexiglass
4. Close the front frame
5. Insert electronics in the back box
    (for example a USB C port on the side panel, a esp32 with wled firmware)
6. Close the back box

The inner frame and spacer should keep everything in place without the need for glue.
If you are using multiple modules,
you can add the layout parameters, so that the inner frame adjusts accordingly.

Please Note: if you are creating a large matrix build of multiple individual modules,
you need to enter absolute values across all modules for all parameters.
Please cut the plane labeled "Plexiglass" out of plexiglass :)
You can use a different thickness for the plexiglass, but make sure to adjust the settings accordingly.
Picture of box.